Economist encourages gov’t to embark on exports

By Bullen Bala Alexander

A senior economist,Dr. Abraham Maliet Mameris encouraging the government to embark on exports in order to improve economic performance in the country.

He said good performance in an economy could only come by having both imports and exports.

“The strength or weakness of any economy performance will only come from imports and exports;the sustainability of pounds verses dollar cannot be done unless the country export minerals and its products that brings currency into line,”Dr. Mamer said.

He said having a strong or weak currency was not a measure for the country to meet good performance in an economy.

He was responding to the development in which the South Sudanese pounds has gained strength against US dollar.

“Our people out there are saying now dollar has dropped, no, dollar hasn’t dropped, in fact pound is still weak against dollar, the pound gaining ground now for me is something “Artificial” which is not total economic performance,” said Dr. Mamer.

He said what is happening now in the country, isn’t anyeconomic changes adding it wasjust an artificial make up which will never change anything in the country.

“Yes, dollar has dropped down but again the prices remain high in the market,” he added.

He also mentioned that the country’s dependence on imports had also contributed in the high inflation in the country.

He said that, for a country to realize any gain, there was need for the government to embark on exports of its products to other countries.

However, he said if the country continued depending on imports, it would not solve the problems of its weak currency.

“The more you export goods outside the country, the more the exporters need the local currency so that they buy your goods and this is how you make the currency stronger,” he cited.

He added that if South Sudan exported fish, gold, timbers or any other minerals to other countries, it would be a great move for country’s currency to gain permanent strength.

“Believe me if these were made available for exports, it will make the foreigners who are looking for that commodities to look for pounds to buy because in the country, our legal tendency is pound,” he said.

Adding that the more they need pound, the more country’s pound become strong.

“What these market people are doing is that they are just dollarizing the system, your pound gains up, dollar remains down and then they shift,” the economist said.

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