A foot for thought

Economic situation hits business

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These days many people are complaining about their businesses not generating money as expected. From the beginning of this year, they were thinking maybe January was the bad month of the year, it would improve in February but still, the situation is going to worsen.  It is affecting businesses in general and would bring some of them to collapse. For the newspapers, many people are not buying; instead, they save money for food.  As a result, there are a lot of copies being returned which is a loss to the company, especially media houses that are not getting support from anywhere.

In the past, there were organizations supporting media, nowadays they are no longer there, expecting to resume their assistance as part of development. Like the cost of printing is very high, you cannot do without printing of the newspapers even the returned copies are paid. I wish Good Samaritan would donate printing machines to the print media in the country; it would reduce the cost of printing. Otherwise, the situation is not helping media to develop. Apart from the salaries of journalists which are less.

If people like the progress of media, they would think of what to do for media houses, as an individual, groups, companies and institutions that support media in the country. By this time we are supposed to have many media houses in the country. Several of them closed down due to a lack of funds, as mentioned above.

It indicates bad signs for business people that, their businesses are not booming since the beginning of the year. Maybe food items for the reason that human beings cannot live without food, everybody is struggling for food instead of using the money for other things. It is not known when the situation is going to improve.

Addition to that, COVID-19 made it become worst due to limit mobility in other places.  I hope things will improve and people will live better lives in the country.

May God bless us all.

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