Time to accept mistakes of the past and chat a new cause for prosperity is now. This can only be possible with collective approach to issues affecting the lives of the common-man in the country on daily basis. Much have been talked about on how to improve the economic and social being for all but little is being said on how and who is to do it. It seems like the burden is left to the leadership and the government. Time has come theta we have to impact positively and clearly in the minds of that common-man what they have to do to make their lives better. No more sitting off- the fence to wait for goodies to be distributed or provided by the government. Someone has to go to bed knowing that in one way or another he/she has made positive and effective contribution to the welfare of the country. It must start with you and I and the common-man must be taught to fish instead of being given one every time he/she wants to eat. It cannot be an excuse for ever and blame game against the government for not doing this or that. One should wake up and ask oneself what they have done to warrant such accusations or pointing fingers. If they have done nothing they should shut up because they are a disgrace to the society. One cannot expect to eat and live well if they do not work towards those achievements. China as a country and a people is coming out in the doldrums after realizing that they cannot live forever in isolations and must work and move forward with like minds partners. The Chinese move has something to learn from and those who need to have their own economic independence must start thinking along this line. This is why as a country everyone must come out to work collectively towards economic attainment goal. It has to start from you and me. This is the truth which will set everyone free.


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