Cases of misuse of public funds are common in the public institutions. Investigated cases of such nature have never gone beyond the walls of the judiciary either by design or purposes. Indeed no one should be condemned before being tried within the laws of the land. Reports of financial misappropriation have been circulating from and within major institutions that are entrusted with custody of the same. It is not strange to be informed that even an institution like the public financial establishment have lost so much but nobody is held responsible. The current move by the economic crisis committee to stamp down the vices in the tax-payers institutions and holdings should be given full support if the wave of reported cases of corruption were to be tamed. Clear and decisive actions must be placed and those found to have committed wrong doing brought to book. The committee should be seen to be working for and in the public interests. The team should not be doubted and should not spare anyone who might be involved in any form of corruption and whose intentions are to enrich themselves at the expense of the general public and the country. Already the slow growth of the economy has taken a toll on the citizens and worsened with occurrence of the coronavirus pandemic. Those who are not ready to tighten their belts for the sake of the country should not be allowed to hold positions of trust which provides service delivery to the public. The committee that is now summoning government officials to account for their deeds during the tenure of office. The team should not stop there, it should have powers to follow and find out what the misappropriated funds were used for. It should not be just another window dressing committee which only makes loud noise but have very little to offer to the general public and the country.

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