Economic angle of the number of states: Dr Abraham

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

As the discussion on number of states goes on in the country ahead of the formation of the Unity government in February 2020, Juba Monitor caught up with Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer, an economic expert who clearly explained the importance of the 32 or above number of states in the country.

Abraham said that he agrees that having more states from the economic point of view is discovering the people of South Sudan.

“Having more states, you are actually discovering your people, you are creating more counties, payams, bomas and by doing that you are reaching the peope where they live,” said Dr. Abraham.

Upon reaching people through the more number of states, Dr. Abraham believes that people will be discovered socially, politically and economically adding that it is a cost to the nation.

Having more number of states is an investment that whose benefits will be realized in time to come and not a cost to the nation according to Dr Abraham.

Abraham pointed it clearly that the nation invests in the creation of more states and its importance might not be realized right now emphasizing that having more states is an opportunity for the country to be discovered more and more.

“People say that there is gold in point B, it does not exist until you get to point B and through this we are bringing economy of scale and also economic enlightenment of the local people, so having more states is of economic benefits”, Dr Abraham said.

Giving economic views to experts on the number of states will give sense and justify why it is important, added Dr. Abraham.

Giving example of the 32 states would have benefited the country a lot if it was not affected by the war, Abraham explained.

Abraham said that if it was not because of the war people from the 32 states would have made their own produce, demanded for roads because of their rights to have education, hospital and other eservices entitled to the people.

Having more states is an investment in the aspects of the country’s investment Authority according to Dr. Abraham. “Having more states is an investment and the dividends will transform this country”, Abraham.

Kenya is a study case that South Sudan can learn from when it comes to having more states and counties and Abraham revealed that Kenya has over seventy counties.

The fear of having more states would mean how will services reach to the people at the grassroots and Abraham was quick to say that people have to be out reached through the number of states.

The minerals in the country can only be discovered through reaching the people but creating administrative areas and wealth can only be shared though the people.

More states will create economic connectivity and hence opening the eyes of the people to demand for services such as schools, hospitals, roads and markets.

“How can the services be achieved without Administrative areas brought by the states creations”, questioned Dr Abraham.

Abraham blamed the past colonies for ruling South Sudan as a closed district blocking reaching out for the country for investment, something that he does not want to happen again.

The creation of more states affirms to the vision of the founding father Dr. John Garang de Mabior who believed in taking towns close to the people.

Abraham urged that the entire South Sudan be educated on the benefits of the 32 states and he vowed to educate by lecturing on the economic importance of the 32 states.

“Economic view on the number of states is needed and to all the stake holders in the peace agreement is to include the economic experts”, said Dr Abraham.

Economic of peace needs to be studied according to Dr. Abraham so that the justification of the number of states can clearly be understood by the citizens.

It is believed that today, a high level meeting will happen in Juba to discuss about the number of the states.

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