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Eco Bus Company resumes operations

By Morris Dogga

The operations manager of Eco Bus Mr. Kiir Atem Tong says the company will commence operations after receiving security assurance from the government to restart business.

Tong said after series of consultations with the security personnel, the company has decided to resume its normal operation from Juba to Kampala beginning from 7th of this month.

“We talked with the government and they have given us the go ahead. They have assured us that they have deployed the security personnel on the road and there is patrolling along Juba-Nimule Road. That is why we are resuming our services, so the security of the passengers is assured,” he said.

He also dismissed claims that some of their drivers drink alcohol and chew drugs like Mira which has caused most of the recent accidents on the roads.

“We have rules as a company that regulates our drivers. We don’t allow the drivers to drink or even chew other drugs like Mira if they are on duty. If they are to do it, then they have to do if they are off duty,” he reiterated.

Mr. Tonghowever said the major challenges facing drivers on the road are the potholes and the big trees along the roads. “Most of these vehicles get accidents because they have to dodge holes which are sometimes situated at the corners of the roads and sometimes another vehicle is coming from the other side,” he said.

The manager added that he believes with the help of the government, their resumption will help fasten the movement of people to East Africa especially those who cannot afford to travel by airplane.

Moses Dramadri, a Ugandan trader who mostly travels to Uganda by Eco Bus to bring his goods says he welcomes the resumption but still curious of the armed people who attack buses on the road.

“The fact that they say the road is now safe; I personally don’t feel safe because chances are high that people will be attacked on the road,” he said.

Eco Bus Company suspended its operations in October this year after one of their buses was attacked and burnt along the Juba-Nimule road. When the July crisis erupted in Juba, there has beenseries of attacks on the passenger vehicles and fuel tankers on the major highways leading to Juba especially Juba-Nimule and Juba-Yei roads.00000000000

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