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Eat more honey to fight impotence, men advised

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese men should eat honey and Simsim paste in order to avoid becoming impotent instead of taking unreliable and unhealthy foods, a local agriculturalist has advised.

Samson Arap Ephraim, the Executive Director of Akari Development Association; a local agricultural union based in Amadi State said cases of increasing impotence amongst men in Juba was due to consumption of unhealthy food such as fast foods, oily food and other food items.

He said men should eat more honey and simsim paste in order to avoid impotence.

Mr. Ephraim made this public remark during the Non-Governmental Organization Expo at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba yesterday.

“The men should eat more honey, because honey cures different diseases such as heart problems, diabetics and other disease,” Mr. Ephraim stated.

“These days, families are breaking up because of impotence and weakness by men who fail to perform in the martial affairs. I encourage you to eat more honey to build the body you need,” Mr. Ephraim added.

The local farmer asserted that cases of impotence are very rare in the villages because there is plenty of honey and natural local foods that people eat compared to what he described as “the unhealthy food” eaten by the majority of urban residents.

The South Sudan’s honey is being considered one of the world’s best honeys according to a study done by a South African Honey Company.

However, the Executive Director said the ongoing insecurity in the country has hindered production of most of the agricultural associations.

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