Eastern Lakes to improve local revenue collection

An official from Eastern Lakes state said his government is prioritizing local revenue collection as a means of improving and increasing state finances to cater for developmental activities.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor Bech George Jongwiir Anyak, the state minister of Finance and Public Services said his government will focus on locally collected revenue as the only means of generating income to improve state revenue to fill financial deficit.

“We want to stabilize our country economy in all financial sectors by improving local tax revenue generation and build local community micro-enterprise initiatives to strengthen capacity building initiative”.

“As government our aim is to improve economy through proper and fair local tax system to regulate and mobilize resources that can be used to fill financial gaps rather than depending on government and oil money,” he said.

Jongwiir revealed that his government set to table the Revenue Authority Bill to Council of ministers for discussion for the purpose of establishing an independent institution that will be task to oversee non-oil revenue collection.

“Yes we are now going to table the Revenue Authority Bill to council of ministers for deliberation to form an independent institution, call Revenue Authority. This institution will act as a key pillar and a resource mobilizer which will be collecting locally generated revenue for the use of state to improve economy”, he said.

Minister Jongwiir said that the move of establishing an independent institution would help and strengthen finance institutions and also create an employment opportunity to young people since it will require people to work in the design institution.

He said through a non-oil revenue tax collection system, the government will be able to alleviate the influence of insufficient monetary allocation and that a transparent, accountable and efficient revenue generation system will be realized.

He acknowledged his government commitment to strengthening Public service sector to oversee the payroll of staffs and workers to minimize and fight corruption to ensure that there is transparent and accountable system of governance.

Earlier this year the minister reiterated his government’s obligation of prioritizing local revenue collection, economic reforms, improve tax system and payrolls cleaning as a means to fight corruption.

By Moses Gum Degur


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