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Eastern Lakes State to disarm civilians

BY Moses Gum Degur

Authorities in Eastern Lakes State said they will soon embark on civilian disarmament exercise in order to end the cycle of violence in the area.

The decision was reached at the Council of Ministers meeting last Friday where the cabinet passed a number of resolutions meant to curb the rate of crimes in the state.

The initiative came days after heighten clashes amongst youth groups from various communities, which left a chief dead amidst continued cattle raiding and revenge killings.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Bech Jongwiir Anyak, Eastern Lakes State Minister of Finance and acting Minister of Information, said the state government has passed seven resolutions including; a ban of alcohol consumption, forceful disarmament of civilians and formation of committee to investigate the three detained Members of Parliament.

“We have reached a solution on Friday to ban drinking of alcohol, arrest culprits who looted cattle and killed people, form a committee to investigate the detained MPs as well as forceful disarmament of civil population,” Mr. Jongwiir said.

He said the aim of the disarmament exercise is to restore hope, trust and confidence amongst the young people in the state and rebuild the broken social fabric. He revealed that the disarmament exercise will be conducted by robust military personnel from the Sixth Infantry Division.

“We have informed the area commander in charge of Division Six in the state. We requested for five hundred strong military men to collect guns from civilians. This is simply to end the issues of cattle rustling, looting, killings and revenge attacks amongst the communities”, Jongwiir revealed.

He asserted that they also deliberated on some issues including formation of committee to investigate other issues including the allocation of five square kilometer of land to the African Coptic Church for development projects.

The African Coptic Church requested five square kilometers of land for building a church, construct schools, hospital and orphanage centres among other projects.

Mr. Jongwiir said that the state government is committed to bringing peace and stability in Eastern Lakes State, which has been witnessing cattle raiding and looting since April earlier this year.

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