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Eastern Lakes State recovers 120 raided cattle

By Mabor Riak Magok

Eastern Lakes State Information Minister, Taban Abel Aguek said that the organized forces had recovered 120 herds of looted cattle.

In an interview with the Juba Monitor, Mr. Aguek said that the number of cows recovered by the organized forces were 120 out of the 187 cows that were raided by suspected raiders from Western Lakes State.

“One person from the cattle owners was injured during the process of recovering the cattle,” he said.

The Information Minister said people still live in fear since the killing of two students along Akot-Aluakluak road by unknown gunmen.

Mr. Aguek said there was a person reportedly killed at Aluakluak in Eastern Lakes State by suspected criminals.

“The criminals had turned to killing of people travelling along this particular road since last week incident,” he said.  .

In a separate interview, the Minister for Information in Western Lakes State, Majak Isaac Ror denied any knowledge about cattle raid carried out by armed youth of Western Lakes State into Eastern Lakes State.

“I have no knowledge about the armed youth of Western Lakes State that went and raided cattle in Eastern Lakes State recently,” he said.

He requested for more time in order to find out what exactly had taken place before making any comment.

However, Western and Eastern Lakes States had been trading serious counter accusation of cattle raiding over unbalanced community disarmament.


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