Eastern Equatoriaon brink of hunger crisis, Governor Lobong

By William Madouk Garang

Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong Lojoresaid the state is on brink of looming hunger crisis in the state due to inconsistency in rainfalls which affected the harvest this year.

Governor Lojore warned of looming hunger in the state and urged the Non-governmental organization (NGOs), donors, and national government for early intervention to avert the imminent hunger in the state.

Lojore was addressing the gathering during the Torit-Magwi road handover ceremony attended by state officials, donors and Non-governmental organizations among others.

“I would like to mention that there is a looming hunger in the state as all of you know that there is been a problem of rain in some countiesand we also need to prepare ahead of the time,”Lojore lamented.

“we need earlier preparation so that we intervene before people start moving to urban areas,we need to support them in rural areas,” he added.

Presently, about 4% of South Sudan’s arable land is reported being exploited for agriculture activities yet over 70% of the country’s population actively engage in the sector to improve their livelihoods.

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