Eastern Equatoria governor’s driver gunned down

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Eastern Equatoria State Governor’s driver has been gunned down by unknown gunmen after a car belonging to the state Governor Louis Lobong Lojore was ambushed on Sunday killing a driver instantly.

Press Secretary in the office of the state governor Mr. Oringa John Godfrey told the press on Monday that the driver was with two other colleagues in the car returning to Torit town from Haforiere village.

Mr. John said the death of the driver was a mysterious situation.

 “It is very unfortunate that we lost our driver when our car was attacked in Idolu Bridge when they were already returning from Haforiere village on Sunday. Unknown gunmen just attacked them and shot the driver leaving the two colleagues in the car, they did not pick anything,” John said. 

The press secretary says the incident happened as the government was taking some support to the funeral in Haforiere village.

“The state authorities were delivering some assistance to the family of the late community policing leader in Haforiere as you all know there was some conflict there between Hiyalla and Haforiere, and our community policing team leader was killed that is why the state is trying to show gratitude and support to such patriotic person who offered himself to be a leader,” he explained.

He said the state government is investigating the killing to understand why and who did the attack.

“This is a priority of government to carry out developmental activities with safe security so that agriculture can go on; the government will do its best to serve it people. We have experience some peace since governor came with some partners who did peace initiatives which we appreciate but the peace initiatives doesn’t need to be taken for joke,” he stressed.

The Secretary stated that the culprits will be brought to book as soon as they are caught.

Mr. John described the late driver as a committed and loyal civil servant.

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