Eastern Equatoria Governor warns Communities over criminal activities

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong Lojore has warned communities of Hiyala Payam over criminal activities for peace to prevail.

The warning came following a peace and reconciliation dialogue conference held between Hiyala, Haforiere, Oguruny and Iloli communities early this week.

The four communities under Mayya and Hujang Kingdoms engaged in series of misunderstandings instigated by cattle raiding, revenge attacks that led to loss of lives and properties.

While addressing the participants during the dialogue, Governor Lobong called on the communities to cooperate with the government to end insecurity.

“I want to tell you the criminals this time no joke, repeat it again you have to sign, youth, elders, chiefs and the kings, sign the agreement and the taskforce has to bring it to me and we are ready to implement the agreement this time. If anybody violates you will see what will happen”, Governor Lobong warned.

“This road if you laid any ambush and run to the mountain we will penetrate because it is the life of South Sudan, what I need from all of you is that practice businesses near the roads, we will form in each village 10 people as community police,” he added.

Lojore stressed that conflict will hinder services delivery and call on the communities to apprehend criminals.

 “Where there are crimes, organizations will not come, and services will not come and if there is peace, investors will come and jobs will be created, my last message from today onward anybody who cause problem should open a case and for you in the area if you don’t want problems you should arrest and surrender to the government,” he stressed.

“If you are fearing to surrender to the government tell him to migrate away from the village with his kraal so that when I come I will get him there without a child, woman or an elder, but if you stay with him and I will send soldiers there they will not know how to differentiate you and him and you will be victimized,”Lobong explained.

The four communities agreed and promised to co-exist peacefully and share socio-economic activities.

The spokesperson for Otuho peace taskforce Mr. Stephen Ihude Oduho says compensation of property and life lost during conflicts at Hiyala payam are the binding resolutions for the four conflicting villages.

Stephen believes that the inclusivity and impartiality of the Otuho Peace taskforce differentiates the dialogue from others held previously being violated in the former Torit East County.

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