Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Easter mood was all around us although most activities were restricted due to corona virus pandemic. This time around very few friends made calls for a social outing. Most of them kept to themselves behind their locked curtains and doors. Watching if they are lucky, TV channels or listening to their preferred FM stations. I was lucky. No unlucky, because as usual l was in the office throughout. One young man had promised to take me to homemade mulokonyi. He knew l had a taste for this stuff and promised but come the day he did not appear. I remained waiting until that time of going home. My mind searched for what to do but there were few activities that could attract my age and age-mates’ attentions. Still fun was far away from us and the reality of life that age was catching up with us was no longer a dream. It was true. Then l remembered an Easter joke between a wife and husband posted to me by one of my ager-mate in our group. It goes like this. Wife: -What are your plans for Easter? Husband: – Same as Jesus. Wife: – What do you mean? Husband l will disappear on Friday and reappear on Monday. Wife: – That’s AWESOME. If you do that, l will also do like Mary. Husband: – What do you mean? Wife: – Show up pregnant untouched by my husband”. The conclusion, the husband stayed at home during the whole period of the Easter Holiday. In your personal judgment who won the battle between the wife and husband. Sometime one need not to be violence or physical about anything that comes your way but bas the saying goes there are so many ways of killing a cat. Which cat domestic or wild, but there should be order and respect in the on-going war against coronavirus. This thing is real. In one of the neighbouring country, the government has placed a ban on the importation of the vaccines by private or individual entities because of mismanagement and to avoid outright corrupt deals which were hovering in the air. The problem is that during my Easter treat, l witnessed quite a number of people, more so the youth violating the preventive measures as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health. It made me wonder where the fines imposed for the violators went to. I have been waiting to hear from the courts if ever there have been any arrest and if so where? I am appealing to the youth to follow and obey the preventive measures. They should not be careless and indulge in acts that would endanger their lives. We have hope and faith in them because they should remain steadfast to oversee the future of the nation with clear and clean minds. Easter is here today and will be gone tomorrow. We shall wait for another one. You can only do that if and when you are alive not otherwise. Stay safe. Remain healthy and alive for tomorrow.

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