EASTER Message from the Church, sacrifices for peace

His Grace Paulino Lukudu Loro, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Juba Catholic

Diocese speaking during South Sudan Council of Churches’

Easter message in Juba yesterday (Photo: Bullen Bala)

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Church leaders in South Sudan have appealed to politician and the civil population to sacrifice for peace during the Easter season.

The church leaders made the appeal yesterday in their Easter message at the South Sudan Council of Churches compound in Juba.

“May the Holy Spirit move our hearts to forge a peaceful path in good faith during Easter! May the Holy Spirit move our hearts to make sacrifices for the peace for the people of South Sudan during Easter! May the gift and the light of the Risen Christ shine and fill our homes and communities with his courage and love,” the church leaders urged in their message.

The Easter message document was signed by nine church leaders in the country.

The appeal came less than a month to the formation of the next unity government by South Sudan political leaders as per the Revitalized Peace Agreement signed in September last year.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Juba Catholic Church Paulino Lukudu Loro said the only salvation to this country is through peace.

“Even when we went to Rome, what Pope told our leaders was that war cannot bring peace, war will only bring war but it is the peace that can bring salvation amongst us,” His Grace Loro said.

He argued all the churches in the country to come out and give the message of peace to South Sudanese not as different dominations but as one voice of churches “because everyone of us knows how to give the right food to our community as churches”.

Bishop Dr. Isaiah Majok Dau who read the Pastoral Easter Message of Hope in the Passion, Death and Resurrection, said the first message of the risen Christ to his disciples after the resurrection was that “peace be with you” (John. 20:19) .

“Peace was the first word that the Lord spoke, and peace was his first gift to the Apostles after his sorrowful passion and his triumph over death,”

Bishop Dau added that peace is the fundamental condition for ensuring the rights of each individual and integral development of an entire people.

“The first commitment that we as South Sudanese must pursue is peace since it is the first gift that the Lord brought us,” he said.

Bishop Dau said He was the one all the prophets testified about, saying that everyone who believed in him will have their sins forgiven through his name (Acts.10:43)

He said the Revitalized Peace Agreement is like a vow made to God. “We are saying that peace is good, reconciliation is possible and unity is better just like the vow made to God to do something which is good, possible and better,” Bishop Dau added.

He said South Sudan has grievously suffered the force of the crucifixion through war, as South Sudanese turned against each other, discarding the truth, while bringing people to point of self-doubt.

“Let us celebrate the feast of the resurrection of the Lord with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth, let us continuously meet God and God meets us in our daily lives of changes, sufferings and trials,” he urged.

“South Sudanese has the power to choose whether their children to live in war or peace,” he added.

He said it will be upon South Sudanese to choose life “so that you and your descendants may live, chooses life.”




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