Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo 

Despite a few reported incidents of crime, generally the Easter holidays ended peacefully.

These isolated cases are of less significance compared to previous years. Security organs did what they are employed to do.

Maintaining security and ensuring that revelers enjoyed the holiday. Many social places remained parked with the young, the old and the elderly all wanting to pass time and enjoy the celebrations in a conducive environment.

This kind of atmosphere has not been experienced for a long time, thanks to the peaceful atmosphere creeping in among the public.

It was all because of Good Friday and Easter Monday holiday that for the first time after years of conflict that the peaceful environment was celebrated with smiles in almost everyone’s face.

This situation should continue and those bent on otherwise reprimanded accordingly. The path to walk as witnessed over this long weekend is peace.

Harmony and love will sure make way and the past suffering a foregone memory among the people. Going by the way social places and churches were full to capacity, it was evidence that they had longed for such occasions free of fear and unknown eventualities.

A new beginning in the life of the common-man has started and with reports of IDPs and refugees coming back in large number, are yet other indicators that more good will soon be felt in all parts of the country.

It is the duty and responsibility of each citizen to ensure peace. It is true that with peace all development is possible as long as proper channels are followed. Let peace remain strong among the citizens.

It is the only way toward successful achievements. For now we should thank security organs for making sure that the holiday remained peaceful apart from the few isolated cases of crime.

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