A foot for thought

Easter celebrations

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday was Easter Sunday, people all over the world were supposed to celebrate the day with peace and remember the suffering and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ after He had fasted for forty days.  He was tempted by Satan; however, He overcame the power of Satan because He gained extra power as the only beloved Son of God. Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, maybe some churches in the world didn’t open their doors for prayers yesterday.

Here in the country, several churches prayed while few were stopped by police following the lockdown order although the government had accepted and given people time to pray on Sunday for Easter.

The most important thing is to follow the foot-step of Jesus Christ, His teaching to us as Christians, to do the right things in the world. If we follow His words in the bible, there would be no bad things people would do to one another. The issue of killings, robbery and others would not be there; people would love one another and continue doing the right things in the country and to their fellow brothers and sisters.

On the Easter day there were many messages from church leaders to Christians on how to follow Christ in their daily lives. It is not easy to put the teaching of Christ in to practices if you do not believe in Him. Those who believe in Him and following His teaching will have eternal life through their action on earth. For the churches that were closed by police yesterday it must have been unfortunate and bad example, it means they locked out Jesus Christ who is the power of every one including them. Sometimes it must have been done through ignorance without the knowledge of responsible people in the government.

On the other hand, the prayers that had been conducting by other churches would be the one helping people in the country. Time is coming when there would be no option but for people to pray to God. To enter in the Kingdom of God is not easy, you must pay price. It is through building faith on daily basis, and keeping the commandment of God. By doing it, God will give you power of destroying any power of evil.

The salvation of mankind is not a one day prayers; it is practice of spiritual activities throughout the living period. If you do it, your reward await you at the end of your time which you do not know the date and the time. Let us do well and prepare ourselves for salvation through Jesus Christ our Savior. Doing well in life, you will live longer in this world. Let Easter of this year bring total peace in the country and help others to change.

May God bless us all.

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