East Coast fever outbreak reported in Yambio

By Martha David
Authorities in Gbudue State have said the deadly cattle disease-East Coast fever has been reported.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Gibson Bullen, the Minister of Agriculture in Gbudue State said cattle have been dying in small numbers until recently when the death increased to over 10 every day.
“The state ministry of agriculture with support from FAO investigated the situation and a sample was sent to Juba for confirmation, the test has confirmed that it is an outbreak of East Coast disease which is affecting the animals,” Bullen said.
East Coast fever, also known as theileriosis, is a disease of cattle caused by the protozoan parasite Theileria parva. The primary vector which spreads T. parva between cattle is a tick, Rhipicephalus appendiculatus.

He said the animal disease is not transferrable and it does not have any link to human beings.
Mr. Bullen stated that according to the FAO report, the disease is treatable but there is no vaccine for it.
“Medicine will be flown from Juba to Yambio for treatment of the remaining animals,” Mr. Bullen added.
He explained that the state ministry of agriculture has been raising awareness to the people on local radios in order not to be infected by the disease.
Mr. Bullen however advised residents of Yambio to stop eating meat of dead animals.
He also urged them to eat meat sold only at slaughter houses.
“We are urging the community not to eat the animal which had died alone not because of the disease will couches but because of any other situation that may accrue,” Mr. Bullen added.

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