A foot for thought

East Africa launched Economic report

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday East Africa Regional Economic Launched report for the year 2021, it was said that the existence of COVID – 19 Pandemic had affected economic in Africa. Each country has its domestic crisis and need to overcome the challenges. It was discussed that each country should increase production to overcome economic crisis.

During the penal discussions, many issues were raised on how to recover the gap which occurred during the period of Pandemic.  Several countries have started to recover but others were not. Certain countries have loans, how are they going to pay them needs strategic plan to be laid down because of the pandemic. 

Nevertheless, one of them is to conduct dialogue and come together as African leaders to get solutions to the problems. On the other hand, many countries had used money for securitypurpose; this has given negative implication to economic crisis.

One of the objectives for launching the Economic reportis to support East Africa countries, work together from time to time, to have policy on how to do the work as region.  However, this report came at the time that other countries were not yet recover from the conflict,  how to increase economic productions inAfrica;need to find out issues affecting African countries. 

Addition to that it would give an opportunity to African leaders to share information.   To know most of African countries that experienced death dueto COVID -19 from 2020 up to this moment. The launched of the report is to build economic structure.

For South Sudan, it shown high risk based on the analysis made on economic inthe region. As many countries have economic crisis, the only thing is to fill the gap and promote economic and stability in Africa.

May God bless us all.

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