There is an uncalled for traffic jam in Konyo Konyo area round-about near the Mosque which seems to be ignored by traffic police or the city council personnel who are normally hovering around the place without specific duties. To make it worse, the Boda-Boda riders and rucksacks operators are everywhere disorderly parked for customers. They have become maniacs to road users, particularly, in the morning and evening hours. Is it not possible to have disciplined officers to mean these are for the flow and movement of traffic? Why are motorists left to suffer while there are laws and orders which should be maintained and the potholes in the middle of the road at this roundabout is whose responsibility? The jam and the congestion being experienced here have become an eyesore to the public. Someone should step in and take charge of the situation before getting out of hand which indeed seems to have nobody drawing the attention of the authorities. The Juba City Council and the traffic police department have some explaining to do if they cannot control the mess in this area of the road. It is pointless to stand in the pavement or outside the road blowing a whistle that has no effect on the disorder being caused. Each and everyone should be responsible for the work assigned to them instead of helping in causing the mess by not doing what they are required to do by law and the nature of their work. They should understand that time wasted is never gained and efforts to overcome such nuisance should be put in place for the country to move forward. Some people might want to downplay this matter not understanding that a bigger occurrence always starts with a small happening. This jam which is causing mess in Konyo Konyo and which seems to have bypassed the attention or ignored should be dealt with conclusively to prevent it from extending to other areas and if it is the pothole that is the cause of the traffic jam, then it should be repaired without delay. Let sanity be witnessed when dealing with matters of public interest.

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