Early worm gets eaten by the bird

By Ngor Khot Garang

There is an old adage that “an early bird catches the worm”. This saying beat understanding. In your own words, this is not that fair. But what if it was the opposite. There is an early bird and an early worm.

The two wakes up differently to make ends meet. The paradoxical part of it is that the worm being the food of the bird ends up being the victim or worse a loser, but why?

This is why we should always be humble and treat everyone the same regardless of whatever kind of position they hold in life. There is no doubt; this life is not a competition and when you live with the mentality that you are in a competition with somebody, you are probably going to fall off the wagon.

The sad news is that you are not going to arrive. Like I clearly put it in the first line, there was a bird and worm. The two hold a different view about life. But the latter which is a worm loses in its quest for survival. This means that the fastest are not always the first.

You can be an early riser and still fail. The same thing can happen, you can come late and claim your seat at the table. And get this, you are not going to move from an easy world to another. The story of bird and worm is very humbling. It means that for you to win, somebody must lose. This is the law of nature. We can’t afford that. It is one thing to be lucky, it is another to try again when you are down.

But who knows you may get eaten by another early riser. This is what I don’t pray for. I know we are going to lose in every battle but it is fine.

Losing leads to winning and winning does lead to success. It’s imperative that you define success for yourself in your hobby, career or entrepreneurial venture by defining what success means for you. Have measurable goals that will back up your definition of success. You are the architect of your plan, whether it’s a long or short-term plan.

In my life as a young man, I have come to realize that everybreakthrough in this life comes from building upon losses and mistakes. Outstanding accomplishments in our lives come when we stay positive, work passionately and fervently in a cause or for a goal that may seem impossible. It likely won’t happen overnight, yet over time we’ll realize the success of a venture that seemed like a total pipe dream years before.

As per now, I don’t know what you are going through. But it is true that you must be going through one problem or the other. It could be loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, sickness and many things. This is not the end. God is walking behind every problem.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope and for being part of  a community working towards positive transformation of South Sudan.

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