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EA Christians pray of peace in Juba

Christians at Juba Christian Centre praying for sustainable peace in South Sudan (Photo by Kitab A Unango)

By Kitab A Unango

Multitude of faithful Christian congregations gathered on Wednesday for a two day prayer and fasting for the sustainability of peace in the country following the celebration at Dr. Garang mausoleum.

The two day convocation to fast and pray for peace and reconciliation which started on Wednesday is an initiative by East and Central Africa Episcopal Church to pray for peace in more than seven countries in Africa including South Sudan.

The peace and fasting conference coincided with peace celebration that brought in all signatories to the revitalised peace agreement including the main opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar who fled the country nearly two and half years back following J1 July 2016 incident in Juba.

To prevent reoccurring of July 2016 incident, the faithful who believed only God could bring and sustain peace in South Sudan gathered to ask God’s miracle this time.

Speaking to Juba Monitor at Juba Christian Centre (JCC) on Thursday, Bishop David Batenzi from Tanzania said the main aim was to ask God to sustain the current peace accord in South Sudan.

“We have come to pray so that God can bring lasting peace to this region, South Sudan. We believe in the power of prayer for God is the only one who can bring peace to us and God is going to sustain this peace and South Sudanese will live in peace,” Bishop Batenzi said.

He called on people of South Sudan to come closer to God and hold the peace in their hearts.

“My only message to the people of South Sudan is that they should keep this peace. It is the responsibility of the people of this country to keep this peace by coming closer to God,” he stressed.

Hani Khamis Samson, the deputy general overseer of JCC said the signed revitalised peace agreement needed God’s intervention.

“We are asking God to help leaders in the country to respect and honour the agreement they have signed. We lost the first chance and we do not want to lose this second chance. Only God is going to make it possible so that South Sudanese will get rest from their sufferings,” Hani emphasized.

“We know human beings’ things are always incomplete. So we are praying to God to make this peace complete,” Khamis said.

Albert Kafilondi, one of the South Sudanese who participated in the prayer and fasting for peace for the country said genuine peace comes from God the source of every good thing adding that South Sudanese should ask God for it.

“I have come here to pray to God, the source of everything including peace, to make the peace in South Sudan a true peace and that we should portray true peace and not to say different thing and do another. Otherwise, we become hypocrites whom God doesn’t want,” Kafilondi said.

In her part, 29 Victoria Michael said she wanted peace to prevail in the whole South Sudan and she believed her dream could only come true through fasting and praying to God.

“Truly God says he listens to the heart that asks from him. I am very happy because God is going to listen to our prayers and grant to us what we are praying for. I ask all South Sudanese to come near God so that God can provide us with peace,” Victoria added.


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