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Duop Pur to launch “keep time” album in November

By Bida Elly David

South Sudanese renowned Musician Duop Pur who is also the Deputy Chairperson of South Sudan Artist’s Union has made an absolute strategy to launch one of his awaited albums titled ‘keep time’ in November.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, Duop Pur, the renowned national artist in the Country said, on the 13th –November-2021, he would be launching the release of his latest album titled (keep time in Juba).

He said that the song was basically composed to inform and educated citizens of South Sudan on how time management was fundamental in every activity in our lives.

‘’ I chose to launch keep time album because South Sudanese are not serious about time management. I therefore developed the interest to promote (keep time) album to ensure that South Sudanese consider time as one of the factors to promote quick development’’ he added.

He further added that the launch of the album would enable the public understood how crucial time was in business aspects. Duop termed time as (Business) since it was a tense that people used in running commercial businesses.

However, he pointed out that he was facing series of financial constraints in regard to how the event would be held in November.

‘’As for now, I am still facing financial constraints in regard to how the event will be held in November, but I am so optimistic that the event will be carried out without blockages. I urge people of good will to support the move towards the launch of “keep time album’’ Dup lamented

He also urged all National Artists to be united and continue informing the public through music in order to promote peace and unity for the benefit of all South Sudanese.

In the same occasion, he also pleaded the government to support and promote local artists such that South Sudan becomes a better place for all.

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