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Duluit Community Trained on Stress Management

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The Association of Duluit community held a one day training on the role of community base organization in stress management and Health safety on Saturday.

The Executive Director of Duluit Bol Deng community association, Barjok Maduok Akoon said the association is not a political one but they are focused on women empowerment, food Security, water, youths and health awareness with training of midwives.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Saturday, Akoon said this was the first time for them to hold such kind of workshop and they are going to extend the same training on stress management to the grassroots.

He made these remarks after a one day workshop organized by the community based on stress management and the role of civil society organizations in community awareness.

“The Duluit association was formed in 1984 in Khartoum and transferred to Juba in 2015 and up to now we are progressing and we have over 65,000 members and 5,000 in Juba,” he said.

The Duluit community is a nonprofit organization and we will work with engagement of NGOs and Donors to support the association, Akoon said.

He said people should learn the spirit of forgiveness in order to avoid stress and conflict.

The Director for mental Health at Juba Teaching Hospital, Atong Ayuel who was a facilitator at the workshop said this is the first time that the association is holding such kind of workshop on Stress management.

She said she has been training students and military officers on stress management.

“Let’s forgive one another and avoid hatred. Let’s love one another and reconcile,” Atong said.

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