Duluit community to promote girls’ education

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The Executive Director of Duluit Community Association in Juba, Barjok Maduaok Akoon, has vowed to promote girl child education in Lol State through establishment of community girls’ schools.

He appealed to the community to come be self-reliant. Speaking to Juba Monitor, he said most people in the area have left for Khartoum due to insecurity, and lack of water, food, education and other basic services.

“We are going to construct a community girls’ school at the grass root level to improve girl child education,” Mr. Maduaok said. He said they would like to work hard to end earlier marriage in the state specially amongst girls by encouraging vocational education and formulate the livelihood skill for the communities.

“With regards to food insecurity, we need to work together by empowering women, youth, children and the people in the area,” Mr. Akoon stressed

He said people should participate in developing their areas starting from grass roots level, adding that women, youth and children in the state lack opportunities for education that would empower and prepare them for the future.

Mr. Akoon said the people of South Sudan as well as Duluit Community in particular needs to cooperate in such a way that can lead to the development and change in the country.

Akoon urged the Duluit community to have a vision for their state and urged them to have the spirit of learning from other citizens of the country. “We would to strengthen unity and culture of peacefully co-existence amongst the community and the neighbours,” he added.

Last week the executive committee of Duluit community held a meeting in Juba to pass the strategic plan for the year 2017-2019 as a road map for their operations.





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