Dukie uses Kiswahili to get music across border

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Dukie, a 17-year-old upcoming music enthusiast is using Kiswahili language to pave way for his music beyond the borders of South Sudan.

Dukie has invested all his skills in Kiswahili, hence giving life to his latest single “Umeniroga” a love song that means “you cast the spell on me”.

Produced by War Lord Jehu of cornerstone studio, the RnB single is already catching the airwaves of radio across the region.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the high-aiming Dukie said he hopes that through using Kiswahili people across the region can understand and appreciate his music.

“When this song came on mind I wanted a simple word that would be understood by majority people in the region and umeniroga came, the song explains about my love life. Though I look young, I have experienced love,” said Dukie.

Inspired by the late Michael Jackson, Dukie said that his song is meant for all lovers across the globe and the message is for them to follow their heart.

“In love people can advise you but you should follow what your heart tells you, never allow anyone to decide for you who to love,” Dukie said.

In a country where majority of experienced young women have to wait for their parents or brother to choose for them who to marry, Dukie insists that young girls in the country should be given time to study first and then decide who to marry.

Nyidier Vicky, a big fan of Dukie believes that the young star has talent but needs support to break through the borders.

“Dukie is extremely talented and he needs to be nurtured so that he can compete beyond South Sudan and the entire world”, Nyidier said.

Bond of love was the first song that Dukie composed for his cousin’s wedding and hence introducing him to the music limelight.

Kiswahili is widely spoken in the East African region, especially Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Brundi, Congo and Uganda.

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