Drugs abuse promotes criminality

Joseph Akim Gordon

People use drugs and alcohol for different reasons. Some people drink alcohol to enhance sociability, increase power or to escape problems by getting drunk. Others just drink for enjoyment while some may think it is for bravery.

Some politicians prefer to take alcohol to be able to deliver speeches without fear. However, moderate consumption of alcohol may provide some health benefits such as reducing risk of developing and dying of heart diseases and stroke, this is when the arteries in your brain become narrowed or blocked severely reducing normal blood flow also can also reduce your risk for diabetes.

Although there are some benefits in the use of drugs and alcohol you must know the fact that drugs and alcohol have negative impact on your health in nearly every part of your body from your heart or kidneys.

The drugs and alcohol addiction among the youth is very much affecting the youth in South Sudan as such many organized criminal gangs among the youth are on increase. To keep them active in acts of criminality, they use drugs and alcohol to make them brave to commit crimes after drug and alcohol influence killing a human by slaughtering  them like animals, all kinds of tactics used to rob, rape and other nasty criminalities.

The youth in Juba and other capital cities in South Sudan under the influence of drugs and alcohol become too brave to commit crimes against their victims. Some can even commit crime against their family members. The organized criminals are influenced by the peer youth in areas where they were persuaded or forcefully recruited to commit crimes like killing, robbing their victims.

Parents should note that children are easily drawn to join the gangs, often youth from poor families are lured due to availability of stolen money and properties, once a child becomes a member of this group it is difficult to leave the group.

The condition of leaving a criminal gang is difficult as they make it so difficult at time the leadership of the organized gang prepare to kill such member in order that the organization activities and the rate of criminality is not disclosed.

The parents must make sure that children are provided with basic human necessities in the house; children’s movement should be monitored once they often report late to the house.

The parents need to observe the behavior of their children, once the parent observe some peculiar behavior of their children, drastic measures must be taken to rescue the children from joining wrong group.

The impact and consequences of the use of drugs, the drugs like cannabis, alcohol and heroin have the ability to affect your mood, can arouse certain emotions, the changes in your mood or behavior caused by drugs are the result of changes to your brain. The impact includes heart or lung diseases, cancer, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis etc.

It is important that the Government should step in to rescue the children who are already addicted to drugs and alcohol abuse. Such intervention is likely to rescue children who are affected and the security agencies must be deployed in those residential areas where these criminal gangs are very active.

To establish institutions tasked with rehabilitation packages to support the youth so that they can become useful citizens and to totally abandon criminality and contribute to socio-economic development of this country.

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