Drug authority to register antimalarial suppliers

Dr Mawien Atem Mawien, Secretary General, Drug and Food Control Authority (DFCA) speaking to the members of Pharmaceutical Business Union

By Yiep Joseph

The Drug and Food Control Authority (DFCA) said it will register antimalarial drug suppliers as a move to protect, safeguard and control falsified medical products from entering into the country.

Late last year,the DFCA suspended the importation of antimalarial drugs till further notice after noting some importers supplied ineffective drugs meant to treat malaria.

In the same suspension order, the drug authority called on pharmaceutical companies to get verified and obtain proper registration.

The DFCA held a one-day dialogue workshop with Pharmaceutical Business Union South Sudan(PBUSSD) on notice of suspension of Antimalaria in South Sudan.

In his remark,Dr. Mawien Atem MawienArik, Secretary-General of Drug and Food Control Authority, said the authority is set to screen and register antimalarial suppliers starting from next month in order to meet public demand and reduce illegal importation of substandard drugs into the country.

“As I am talking with you now, we are the stage of registration, the staff from Drug and Food Authority have required enough experience to register the products (Drugs) in the country,” Mawien said.

“The registration of the drugs in the country will start with the antimalaria may be in February in order to ensure effective and quality drugs available for the public” he added.

He called on all the pharmaceutical companies to prepare and register without delays.

Meanwhile, Dr. peter AguekKon, Director General for Inspection and Surveillance Drug and Food Control Authority reaffirmed ability of the authority to engage the board in handling the issue of suspension of importation of antimalaria in the country.

“Drug authority is ready to screen the suppliers and your complaints regarding the suspension of importation of antimalaria and other related issues will be forwarded to the board for further elaboration and discussion,” Aguek said.

He called on the pharmaceutical union to cooperate with the authority in identifying illegal importers of drugs into the country.

Aguekcautioned pharmacy owners to avoid short cut but follow the right procedures from the authorities in order to effectively serve the citizens.

On his part, Charles AchayeOchan, the chairperson of Pharmaceutical Business Union South Sudan (PBUSSD) vowed to work hand in hand with Drug and Food Control Authority (DFCA) in ensuring supply of modern, quality and effective medicines.

“The union is ready to work hand in hand with DFCA to make sure that the citizens get quality and effective medicines as per the international standard,” Achaye said.

He reaffirmed the union’s willingness to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in order to deal with illegal importers of drugs.

“We are willing to look at how best we can support law enforcement agencies to ensure that there is effectiveness in law enforcement,there are people who should be looking up into these products(drugs) either in the market but because they are not well facilitated, they just compromise in the market and we are ready to support DFCA,”Achaye said.

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