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Drop the gun, pupils appeal

Officials, Parents dancing during the gathering

By Oyet Alfonse 

A peace club at Juba Na Bari primary school has composed a lyric prank to inspire positive social change among South Sudanese community.

In their song ‘let us drop the gun,’the children challenge politicians and the entire population to stop killing one another and also end hate speech. The music rhythmic language was so raving that force official at the gathering to join the floor as the young talented children sing.

Juba Na Bari primary school is one of the public schools in Juba where children from the various ethnicities of South Sudan school.

“For how long shall we continue living as enemies, for how long shall we continue killing ourselves?” the children asked continuing singing: “We are tired; let us drop the gun and come together as brothers and sisters. Let us learn to forgive one another. There is no benefit in war, we shall only develop when we are in peace.”

Sabina John Gaitano, one of the pupils said they all need peace in order to continue with their studies as brothers and sisters. Gaitanosaid she feel very sorry whenever singing the song because all South Sudanese are not happy, stressing that“politicians like fighting so much.”

“My message is, stop fighting, and come together. Let us put our hands together so that our nation prosper,” she said.

Nyapam James Ruoth, also one of the choirs in schoolsays they sing the song to tell the politicians that war is evil and hinders development and unity of people.

“As you know the situation of South Sudan, every day you don’t miss hearing death issues. We the young generation of this Juba Na Bari primary school need peace. We need peace to enjoy our future, let them stop the war,” the school girl said.

“In our song, we want to tell them that, please! Bring for us the peace, we need peace; have interest for the peace,” she continued.

Nelson WaniLado, also one of the singing groupssaid they are sending the message of peace to all students, politicians and the entire country.

“We need forget our differences and love one another; we join hands together for the betterment of this country. If we don’t forget our differences, our nation will not develop, that is what is in our song,” Wanisaid.

“Let us refrain from these hate speech, hatred, and killing one another. We are all South Sudanese.”

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