By: Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers, today my topic is about drivers in South Sudan and particularly in Juba, because this is the city where I am working and seeing how our drivers are conducting themselves on the roads. I had witnessed a lot of accidents occurring by the roadsides between boda -boda guys or boda- boda and drivers of vehicles. In most cases boda-boda people are the victims. They are the ones dying at spot and experience major injuries.

According to my observation, some drivers are driving while talking on phones, not paying attention on the roadsides to see who is crossing the roads including animals. It had become one of the causes of accidents. Others were driving while drunk especially the boda-boda guys, they cross roads without observing the traffic lights whether it is giving red or green lights in order for them to cross the roads. For our brothers in Army uniforms they just cross roads ignoring the rest of the cars passing by the roadsides and boda-boda, like the roads are for them. Several times they were making noise so that the rest of the cars leave them space to pass.  

It looks like they were accompanying big people, in the real act you would see a car of Army with soldiers inside. People of South Sudan know if President, First Vice President, Vice President and other dignitaries are passing, all cars should stop but not the car carrying soldiers. Sometimes it causes accidents. If not with the car of Army could be another car in the process of leaving space. Certain drivers seem to be unqualified; they might have not been trained and were driving without knowing the rules of driving in the country. These kind of drivers could likely cause accident.

There could be other reasons known by you but these are the ones I could tell you at the moment. Dear drivers, my advice to you is that if you are on roads put in mind that the life of people and animals crossing roads are in your hands.  Concentrate on roadside not talking on phone while driving. Observe traffic lights before crossing the road. If they follow traffic instructions, it will reduce unnecessary accidents and cases of deaths.

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