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Driven by unknown force to ask for a car on sale

By Malek Arol Dhieu

It looks like the spirit inside me needs a car but the body is lazy to work for it. Up to now, I do not still know what made me so crazy like that to stop a car for sale and asked the driver how much it was when I actually know I have no coin in my pocket. Despite the newness of the model, I knew I was moved by something else but what is that thing else? A lot of thoughts came in my mind when I sat alone in the campus. The way the car bypassed me up to now still makes me doubt that it might be a car sent from a spiritual institution to torment me. With an advertisement paper glued on rear and front glasses and a driver looking at me closely with a weak smile, I thought he knew me. I raised up my right hand to web him and he immediately stopped, when I approached him, we did not recognize ourselves and all I had to do then was to branch in to ask the price of the car, which he said, is something that does not need talking while standing. I pretended as if a serious buyer by taking the phone number and we parted, but before we parted, he had been having smiling at me as if he had gotten a carless tycoon. I calculated his smiles and came out with an answer that he smiled not because he wanted to smile, but because the buyer is too vulnerable and emaciated to afford two meals a day, leave alone buying a new model V6 land cruiser. At home, I could not help laughing at myself but I shortly ceased it with a reminder that it is as normal as confronting a girl when you do not have cows or money to conduct marriage. In courtship, a man can confront a beautiful girl for love, going as far as visiting her parents when he knows he has nothing to pay as dowries. I am like that man, period! In 2013 before Yirol auction was shifted to where it is now, a man who had been rearing cattle but had all his cattle raided came pocketless to watch at how cows are auctioned. He moved around the auction and found a beautiful cow and told himself to compete with whoever wanted to buy it. As beautiful cows are auctioned first before the ugliest, the cow he booked came the fifth to be auctioned and he positioned himself in a small raised area for him to be easily seen by the auctioneer. He had become shabby during the years of battling with survival challenges, when he began raising his hand to alert the auctioneer that he was interested and ready to compete, it caught everybody’s attention. He was competing with a black-market dollar seller tycoon who had relegated many buyers two days before he came.  They went on competing over the cow until he won it, but when he was called in the small office located inside the auction to pay money, he ran away. When he was caught and investigated why he did that, he said he had no money but the cow had attracted him so much that he competed unknowingly. With understanding of cultures, he was compromised and told not to repeat it. The car has attracted me so much that I wanted to buy it when I have no money.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.He can be reached at or +211922332811.

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