Dreams are not enough

By: Akol Arop Akol

We always say we have dreams, those dreams are “future ambitions” that we hope to accomplish in life. I would like to say that dreams alone are not enough. We would be thinking like we all have good future ahead, but the choice is ours either to make it come true or fail to meet the target. If it was only singing the songs success that make reality, we would see everyone prospering.

But dreams and work are parallel things that become true only when you put more efforts. We don’t have to sit down and wait for things to go the way we expect. Do not go to bed and expect that your dreams will come true. Dreams are like clouds, and they may come true or not according to how you prepare for the future. Long time ago there lived a priest who was extremely lazy and poor at the same time. He did not want to do any hard work but used to dream of being rich one day. He got his food by begging for alms.

One morning he got a pot of milk as part of the alms. He was extremely delighted and went home with the pot of milk. He boiled the milk, drank some of it and put the remaining milk in a pot. He added slight curds in the pot for converting the milk to curd. He then lay down to sleep.

Soon he started imagining the pot of curd while he was asleep. He dreamed that if he could become rich somehow all his miseries would be gone. His thoughts turned to the pot of milk he had set to form curd. He dreamed on; “By morning the pot of milk would set, it would be converted to curd. I would churn the curd and make butter from it.

I would heat the butter and make ghee out of it. I will then go to that market and sell that ghee, and make some money. With that money I will buy a hen. The hen will lay many eggs which will hatch and there will be many chickens. These chickens will in turn lay hundreds of eggs and I will soon have a poultry farm of my own.” he kept on imagining.

“I will sell all the hens and buy some cows, and open a milk dairy. All the town people will buy milk from me. I will be very rich and soon I shall buy jewels. The king will buy all the jewels from me.

I will be so rich that I will be able to marry an exceptionally beautiful girl from a rich family. Soon I will have a handsome son. If he does any mischief, I will be very angry and teach him a lesson, I will hit him with a big stick.” During this dream, he involuntarily picked up the stick next to his bed and thinking that he was beating his son, raised the stick and hit the pot. The pot of milk broke and he awoke from his day dream.

Like this man, many of us keep imagination without implementation. It is really a perfect start to first think of what you want to and then put in actions. But if we keep sitting and expecting things to go well, then we are going astray from the road that takes us to success destination.

Yes, we can prosper if we dream and work at the same time. The little work you do today will grow bigger when you strive for excellence. There is no substitute for hard work. Dreams cannot be fulfilled without hard work.

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