The sentiment by the DRC Congo ambassador, Rene Illume Tembele that his country was ready to support us in the achievement of National Dialogue is a welcoming move which should be appreciated fully if his country was not in itself in dire need of peace. This far we can accept and as he rightly put it,” help your neighbor put off fire from his house by pouring the little water you have.” That is very encouraging but with reservations. DRC is rich in mineral just like we are although theirs have been exploited to the maximum. They have been independent for a long time although with problems after problems. The wish is good if it will be there but the big question is; is there a will to carry out the help and in what form can DRC help in the National Dialogue? This would be of interest to understand and to know so that we can fully rely on our brothers and neighbors without seeking support from outside the continent. If our neighbors can do it we can also do it internally. If indeed other friends came out like DRC with whatever little they have to assist the country attain everlasting peace, then, the problem could have been long gone and the way forward found. Although DRC has its own problems and take, it has come out to be counted among friends even if with the promise the ambassador has given. He must have been talking on behalf of Kinshasa and talking positively to a friendly brother. How many more outside there can follow-suit and help us achieve this peace which has been elusive for this long. We locals who are for peace, if we had support from across the continent and the world over, then our cause to peace will be achieved within a very short time. The National Dialogue has come out to be the only hope for all. We should embrace and cherish it to the maximum of success. Let others follow the example of DRC.

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