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 Sets new base in Pagak-SPLA


Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang speaks to journalists (file photo):

By Moses Gum Degur

Rebels loyal to the former First Vice President Dr. Riak Machar are alleged to be establishing their new basein New Pagak on South Sudan border with Central African Republic, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army Spokesperson Brig. LulRuaiKoangsaid yesterday.

The army Spokesperson said different rebel groups including those allied to Dr. Riak, Dr. Lam Akoland Johnson Olony have begun relocating operational and training bases ahead of the rainy season.

The SPLA disclosed this during a press briefing on general security situation in the country on Friday at the military headquarters at Bilpam.

According to Brig. Lul, the rebels’new divisional headquarters is placed at Mynama, with their military base code named as Pagak Threein Lol State of former Western Bhar-el-Ghazal state.

The SPLA Spokesperson said rebels started deployment with Gen. Thomas Bazilio as Division Commander deputized by Maj. Gen. Salah Mumuki while Maj. MosaHamedDakumi assigned as operations commander.

In another deployment, Col. Salah Uma Darmut is placed commander for 1st Infantry Brigade responsible for Dulu and Brati, Brig. Diniya for 2nd Infantry controlling Keli and Baku, while Brig. Gen. AbdallaYusifAbdalla Murat became the commander of 3rd Infantry Brigade in-charge of Bolo, Kata and South of Bor Medina according to the SPLA.

The 4thInfantry Brigade that fall under the command of Col. BornandoJorkiis overseeing Deim-Zubeir, Jebel Mangayat, Sofo and Jebel Abu Yumin among other areas in Lol state.

Brig. Lul further continued that rebel areas ofAngo and Sullugu are under command of Gen. Dong Abu Sallah while Maj. Gen. AsafKhamis Tighter whose forces embedded with SAF Intelligence Personnel commanded Jebel Marfayin.

Areas of Wathalelo and Bazia fall under command of Maj. Gen. Santino Ojako and Gen. AbdallaOjang.

According to the SPLA Spokesperson, rebels loyal to Dr. Riek in Maiwut and Latjor states under the overall command of Maj. KhorChuolGiet had been ordered by their chief of general staff Simon Gatwech Dual to move to Buoth on South Sudan –Sudan border to receive fresh supplies of ammunitions.

In a related development Lul said rebels loyal to Lam AkolAjawin and Johnson Olony crossed back from Sudan and established new operational bases at KhorAradef in FashodaState.

Brig. Lulclaimed that the motive behind rebels’ activities characterized by relocation, establishment of new operational and training bases as well as creation of new geographical areas is the clear indication of preparing for offensive against SPLA positions during the forthcoming rainy season.

He said the SPLA will continue to monitor and report on all subversive activities aimed at making the country ungovernable as well as inflict harm on ordinary and innocent civilians.

“We call upon CTSAMM to investigate such activities and hold accountable those preparing for war instead of peace,” Lul said.

Brig. Lul insisted that the SPLA as the national army will continue to respect and observe COH and will fight inself-defense when attacked.


Armed soldiers in South Sudan (file photo):


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