DR. MACHAR, orders his members in Hotels to Vacate

BY Nema Juma

Dr. Riek Machar has ordered about 59 members of his party to move out of hotels in Juba and seek accommodation in two named cantonments of Wuna Aliet, Lobojo or go back to Khartoum.

The SPLM-IO cited one reason of vacating the hotels as non-payment of accommodation and other requirements.

 Speaking to Juba Monitor Newspaper on Phone last evening, the Director of Information and Public Relations SPLM/IO, Puok Both Baluang confirmed that the chairman had ordered those members to report to the nearest cantonment site or go back to Khartoum. He also said those who are willing to go to their homes could do so.   

He stated that “ for those who are non-military person, should go back to their houses in juba if their houses are not occupied  or they should return to where they used to be before they came to Juba.

“The military personnel should report the cantonment site because the security arrangement had not been implemented a in the country as they would be risking their lives there in Juba,” Puok said

The list availed indicated that those listed to vacate their hotels are as follows:-

The N/S names Mechanism Affiliated Room Hotel

  1. John Aboreup Akuer NO Mechanism SPLM/A-IO 118 Peace AfricA
  2. Samuel Wie No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 101 Peace Africa
  3. Tut Jock Buop No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 105 Peace Africa
  4. Gattuor Kier Biel No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 109 Peace Africa
  5. Makuach Panuom No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 112 Peace Africa
  6. Elijah Jacob Gatwech No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 114 Peace Africa
  7. Wol Thoan No mechanism SPLM/A IO 115 Peace Africa
  8. Peter Kaka No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 117 Peace Africa
  9. Gatkuoth Mathot No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 119 Peace Africa
  10. Koang Gony Yuot No Mechanism  SPLM/A IO 124 Peace Africa
  11. Nhial Peter Riak No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 122 Peace Africa
  12. James Batali No mechanism SPLM/A IO 128 Peace Africa
  13. Paul Gatnor Ngundeng  No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 123 Peace Africa
  14. Gatmai Dak Jock no Mechanism SPLM/A IO 125 Peace Africa
  15. Gor Muon No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 111 Peace Africa
  16. Juma Iko Emma No mechanism SPLM/A IO 106 Juba Crown
  17. Moses Tot Ruot No mechanism SPLM/A IO 106 Juba crown 
  18. Nyakier Nyol Wal No mechanism SPLM/A IO 107 Juba Crown
  19. Jackson Bingbayo No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 109 Juba Crown
  20. Angelina John No mechanism SPLM/A IO 116 Juba crown
  21. Lony Zacharia No mechanism SPLM/A IO 114 Juba Crown
  22. Ziz Richard No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 118 Juba Crown
  23. Kun Tut No mechanism SPLM/A IO 104 Juba crown
  24. Tuach Bol Ranley No mechanism SPLM/A IO 120 Juba crown
  25. Long Thijok Luack No mechanism SPLM/A IO 122 Juba crown
  26. Nyawal William kueth No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 204 Juba crown
  27. Andrew Ngangar No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 209 Juba crown
  28. Gatwech Buom Pal No mechanism SPLM/A 223 Juba crown
  29. Gatluak Koryom No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 225 Juba crown
  30. Santino John Bath No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 229 Juba crown
  31. John Puol Chuol No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 230 Juba crown
  32. Gatwech Peter GatKuoth Gual No Mechanism  SPLM/A IO 302 Juba Crown
  33. Agrey Lasu Wani (Barach Mun) NO Mechanism  SPLM/A IO 307 Juba crown
  34. Justine Akedo No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 311 Juba crown
  35. Costa Akile No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 311 Juba crown
  36. Akech Garang Tong Akeen No Mechanism SPLM/IO 13 Juba Raha
  37. Alier Samuel Ateny NO Mechanism SPLM/IO J4 Juba Raha
  38. Peter Tut Kuol  NO Mechanism SPLM/IO K5 Juba raha
  39. Albino Mawien Bol No Mechanism SPLM/A IO K1 Juba Raha
  40. Baak James Deng No Mechanism SPLM/A IO K3 Juba Raha
  41. Deng Lat GatKuoth Thian No mechanism SPLM/A IO K5 Juba Raha
  42. Deng Deng Akoon  No mechanism SPLM/A IO L4 Juba Raha
  43. Amathira Dador No mechanism SPLM/A IO l4 Juba Raha
  44. John Atak Garang No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 88C Juba Raha
  45. John William  Sunday No mechanism SPLM/IO 69 South Sudan
  46. Wani Charles Ezibon  No mechanisms SPLM/A 66 south Sudan
  47. Peter Teak Nyok  No Mechanism SPLM/A IO 57 SOUTH SUDAN
  48. Peter  Hoth Gai No mechanism SPLM/A IO 69 South Sudan
  49. Gatyiek  Manguany Gai No mechanisms  (ship crew) SPLM/A IO 102 Ambassador
  50. Gatloth Chatiem Ter No mechanism (Ship crew) SPLM/A IO116 Ambassador
  51. Kom Duoth Gai No Mechanism (ship crew) SPLM/A IO 104 Ambassador
  52. John Nguen Kuol No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 112 Ambassador
  53. Kuony Chan Luony No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 106 Ambassador
  54. Peter Tut Wal No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 101 Ambassador
  55. Tungwar Gatkek kuer No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 121 Ambassador
  56. Charchuor Chuol Thok No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 120 Ambassador
  57. Muon Gai Nyoap No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 118 Ambassador
  58. Jinub John ohkuony No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 119 Ambassador
  59. Gorong Kiir No mechanism (ship crew ) SPLM/A IO 113 Ambassador
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