Dr. Machar coming to Juba for implementation of 100 days

By: Anna Nimiriano

The leader of Opposition Dr. Riek Machar is coming Juba for the implementation of the 100 days agreed between him and President Salva Kiir last month. The extension of the periods was to finalize some outstanding issues like cantonment areas for soldiers, unification of army among others. Hopefully, these could be some of the reasons for his third coming to the country in the last three months. The days are approaching for them to finalize other matters and to see what is not implemented within the expected days.

To outline challenges facing them in the process of these 100 days, this is the concern of every citizen of South Sudan. The issue of security arrangement and states are to be finalized so that unnecessary killings would not be in the states. Peace doesn’t need in Juba only; sustainable peace should reflect the security of the people of South Sudan from State, County, Payam and Boma levels. Every citizen should contribute positively to the peace process and the formation of the transitional government in the coming months.

We cannot continue living in a politically unconducive environment created by us. Time has come for all of us to silence guns and advocate for peace in the country. We need to support the peace advocacy because it will work to our advantage. Any negative rumors about peace, we could not encourage for the reason that the motto of the people of South Sudan is peace in the whole country. At the end of the day all of us are accountable for what we have done in this country. What you are doing is being seen by God. He is monitoring our work and promoting the good things we did and still are doing for our people.

Everybody shall be held accountable for his deeds in this world. Some people left their jobs after seeing that they have committed crime against this country, which is not the final solution to God. Others died without knowing their mistakes but everything is known by God.

The most important thing is to evaluate the agreement and see the priority according to the needs. Other things could be done within the transitional periods when Machar is in power. Coming to Juba shows his commitment in the agreement. He cannot work from afar toward the formation of pre- transitional government for implementation of peace in the country.  

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