Dr. Kigozi tells African youth to be innovative

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala.

The event was organized ahead of world’s peace day which was celebrated yesterday worldwide to remember the greatness of peace in mankind struggle on earth. The Eastern Africa Youth Empowerment Forum on Peace, Security and Good Governance 2019 was held under the theme.”Youth for Peace and Good Governance”.

Speaking to delegates drawn from difference African countries Elly Kasirye one of the organizers who gave an opening remark to welcome the delegates coming from different countries in Africa, including South Sudan, Malawi, DRC, Mozambique, Somalia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda the host country where event was held at presidential office in Kampala.

sElly Kasirye expressed urgent issues concerning African youth to build trust by being truthful and honest in moving Africa forward to meet targets of the world order whereby Africa can compete with rest of the world’s community not in making headlines of wars and undemocratic actions which are condemnable.

Abiathar Bullen South Sudanese student and Pan Africanist studying at Uganda Christian university bachelor of laws challenged African leaders to improve on mood of democracy whereby the loser can accept the defeat and move forward for the betterment of Mama African people welfare instead of fighting one another over the positions which shall never provide durable solutions to an African problems such as bad governance and lack of service delivery to the people in our rural communities he said.

Mou Bol Abiem South Sudanese student studying in India encouraged African young people to leave politics for politicians and concentrate much bigger on technology because world is getting computerized and shall be driven by use and daily application of ICT to make our communications system easy and available to all African people in spirit of moving Africa’s agenda forward in order to meet her targets and objectives which are so fundamental to us as African youth said Mou Bol Abiem.

Mou Bol Abiem who came all the way from India student studying Information Technology in India urged African young people to extend world’s technological advancement to Africa by adapting correct application of modern way of making Africa meet her potentials by encouraging technology instead of believing in politics and traditional ways of living in our respective African countries we must change and welcome technological advancement to take the lead in daily running of activities  he stressed.

Ms Twegyesiibwe Goret from Uganda the host country said African youth are not included in policies of the country because youth are the very people who experienced challenges facing Africa deeply affected young African people therefore we must challenge our leaders from different African countries to improve the level of engagement of African young men and women in levels of policies making to be part and parcel of the decisions at least to balance the challenges on equal terms she said.

According to country’s representative of African Youth Development Commission South Sudan (AYDEC-SS) Mr. Paul Duwar Bak who led four members of delegation coming from South Sudan to participate in African Youth Forum said as young people of Africa peace is our number one priority because African population half of it are young people who dies on daily basis in the wars of political leaders therefore youth have the immediate challenge that can oblige them to believe in maintenance of peace because peace is central to African young people to make them realizes their dreams in peaceful environment whereby war is avoid by promotion of peace and innovative thinking which encourage prosperity of African aspirations of making Africa home for all her citizens particularly people of South Sudan to live in happy life explained Paul Duwar Bak.

Dr Maggie Kigazi former government official and business consultant who was the guest of honor representing Uganda’s speaker of Parliament Hon Rebecca Kadaga welcome the African delegates from difference countries represented in youth conference held on 20 and ended yesterday on  21 of September 2019.

Dr Maggie Kigozi reassured African young people and particularly South Sudanese young fellows to invest their times and energies to ensure that sustainable peace is restored back in South Sudan because a nations driven by peace always achieved her prosperity which Africa as continent need to have and be able to compete with rest of the world freely she said.

Dr Maggie Kigozi stressed the importance of helping fellow African brothers and sisters by offering services such as “Keep lightings others people’s candles for Africa to be home for all 54 countries”, can only be achieved when we the people keep contacting our fellows friends on the African continent and be able to keep peace in Africa because nothing impossible to be done here in Africa if we are peaceful and innovative in thinking.

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