Dr. Kenyi A. Spencer Introduces a new book.

By Nema Juma

One of the Englishwriters, Dr. Kenyi .A. Spenser has introduced a new book which will be lunched soon and will be published by the University of Juba.

The book is titled “ENGLISH LANGUAGE FOR PROFESSIONALS” with the aim of addressing professionals on the use of English Language.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Dr. Kenyisaid, many of the   writings in the countryalways fell short of the standards of English simplybecause many people tend not to stick on the grammatical rules of using the language.

“Most of our writings in this country fall short of the standards of English usage because we don’t tend   to stick on the grammatical rules of using English,” Dr.Kenyi said.

He added that the book was going to introduce traditional way of using English language so that from now, when any writing is produced in the newspapers or anywhere at least they would be competitive so that people could read local papers in the East African region, “ at the moment our standard cannot compare with the standard that they have”.

“This is the effort that we are trying to do bystrengthening the system to also enable us to communicate effectively so that we can avoid being antagonized by other people especially the authorities who may misunderstand what we mean simply because we put it in the language which is not professional. Not because we want really to antagonize the system negatively but because the language we use is so week and so raw”.

He stated those were issues that needed to beput together we before “we even put issues of solving our problem of peace, we need to create a language that can enable us negotiate what we call peace.

He added that when “we communicate with the outside world they do not understand because we are not using the proper way of how English should be used”.

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