Dr. John Garang’s University elects new guild president

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology in Bor has last week inaugurated into office the new students’ guild president elect.

Last month, University’s students elected Mr. Ajith Solomon Awan as a new student’s leader after four years of the Union’s suspension.

The students’ union was suspended in March 2016 by the former Vice Chancellor Prof. Julia Aker Duany over “division and power struggle” among the varsity’s students based on three regions.

The former VC feared the students could have caused chaos and riots if the leadership was not withheld by her leadership given the fact that they were divided over power wrangling.

From 2016, the University has been continuously led by care taking students’ body as opposed to guild president.

In June this year, the current Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abraham Matoc Dhal released the union to students after observing that there were signs of unity among the students.

As a result, the students conducted elections last September and elected Mr. Ajith Solomon Awan as the students’ leader.

On Saturday, the University’s administration organized swearing in ceremony for the new student’s leadership at the University’s main campus in Bor.

Speaking during the swearing ceremony, University’s legal advisor, who also doubles as Dean College of Environmental Science, Dr. Jok Gai said that revival of the union was an obligation task for the students to exercise leadership.

“Today is a special day for you. We revived the Union for your benefit. It will be upon you to execute the tasks very well or not. This should be your achievement and for the new Vice Chancellor,” Dr. Gai stated.

Dr. Gai advised the new leadership to be meticulous leaders of the University who understand why it was crucial to work for the people.

“The reason why you people are here is to excel academically. So you need to be distinguished from the rest of the people by working for the nation,” he said.

“The name of Dr. John Garang should not go in vain. We need you to maintain the name of Dr. John Garang by being excellent students with an excellent record in your academic journey,” Dr. Gai added.

The University’s Dean of Students Affairs, Dr. Nartisio Odongi applauded the University’s administration for granting the union to the students’ body following years of its absenteeism.

He encouraged the new leadership to lead students in a professional manner that reflects good and quality leadership.

“The Union is not a small stuff, it is a bigger thing. And therefore you need to look into the betterment of this university. It is for the welfare of the students not just like other things,” Dr. Odongi stressed.

He called on the new body to cooperate with the University’s administration in making sure that the University was run in a very prestigious manner.

“There are some minor things the administration cannot detect but through the union now, we can have wider eyes that lead the University very well.”

Ajith Solomon Awan, the new guild president elect promised that he would work for common unity among the varsity’s students in order to advance nationalism.

“I want to appreciate you for the choice that you have made. It will be upon me to either mislead you or do well. But I believe I will not disappoint you my students for the trust you have bestowed upon me,” he revealed.


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