Dr. John Garang’s head beneath singer’s feet

By Ngor Khot Garang

The coming of Tanzanian star in the person of Nasibu Abdul Juma Isaack (Diamond Platinum) brought with it many lessons presented for us to learn as South Sudanese and first being nationalism which is under our feet if not completely buried with the fallen heroes, and please I don’t want to leave out the heroines too who laid down their precious lives for the wellbeing and greater good of every South Sudanese. It has taught me, and I hope there are few people who can line behind me that we are still slaves and we will never progress if we continue with this mindset until the world comes to an end.

It has also taught me a lesson that I will never forget that we don’t love ourselves and we don’t feel proud of our own beautiful country as South Sudanese. In most of the businesses or let me say mega businesses, you will find foreign nationals running most of the hotel businesses leave alone retail businesses. The business sector is almost 100 percent dominated by foreign nationals. 

This should directly point us to the fact that those tall buildings in those beautiful African countries have got most of them built with money made in South Sudan (our own money) and see the position of South Sudan. Where does it stand? What do we have that we can proudly call our own if not graves that are everywhere? It is almost 10 years since the country attained her independence and what we have only succeeded in is killing of our own people. Sometimes, some people or let me say mentally retarded South Sudanese would think that anyone complaining about foreigners’ dominance over the business sector is just speaking out of jealousy but if truth exists in this world, it would be right to say that we are just fooling ourselves and it is a game that we will never win even for years.

Just imagine politicians amassing public funds and stashing of this money in foreign banks and citizens going about with their message of “Let us hate one another” and the other group with the message of peace just to eat the money meant for peace process. This is nothing but confusion and we all have our share in the mess we are in. And sometimes, something would just tell me that South Sudanese are foreigners in their own country and it seems like they want to just fit in.

This is evidenced by the way foreign nationals are being honored and valued in South Sudan as if they are demi gods. I beg your pardon and please, I don’t want to make it general. I want to discuss this Diamond Platinum and go deeply with my little Kiswahili to understand if  he has ever sang about peace and the impacts of his songs in the world. Well, this young man is gifted and he is making the best use of his talent. Congratulations for his great work. However, I have come to understand that, in this world, anyone from any place can make wonders when they have their people on their back and in addition to that, I have also come to realize that one of the greatest helps you can do for yourself is to play your winning cards well.

This Diamond Platinum is an epitome of those people who defied the odds to become who they are and it has changed his life completely but his people (Tanzanians) have a great share in his story of success. This is to say that when you are accepted at home, you can go global and make wonders in the world. This is why most of talented Musicians end up here in South Sudan. There are hundreds of South Sudanese who know how to use the art well than this Diamond Platinum but they are still lagging behind simply because South Sudanese don’t know what they have.

Just take a look, this Diamond because of his people, he has traveled the world. He can now be called in any of the world’s greatest countries to go perform and he can easily turn down the invitation without ever thinking twice if he has tight schedules because he has money, a hell of money. The guy has made millions of dollars over the years and that is success itself, congratulations once again and may his Allah open more ways for him.

That is my wish but sometimes, we just have to find flaws and use those mistakes to correct ourselves and I wish I had a voice to tell this Diamond Platinum that he had a great disrespect for our fallen but watching hero Dr. John Garang by stepping on money spread on the ground by mad South Sudanese most of whom are crooks who steal public funds to better themselves and their families. Is he aware that our mighty man of peace in the person of Salva Kiir Mayardit has never once stepped on a South Sudanese pound note not even by accident? Kiir has a great respect for the long time but almost forgotten friend who has gone where everyone will go and nothing will ever shake his respect for the fallen hero. A foreign singer playing with our own money when our musicians who have contributed greatly to the development of this country are struggling to get by. This sucks!  Diamond Platinum cannot do this great mistake in Dr. John’s mausoleum (where our clean hands man is buried) and go away with thousands of dollars without bowing before Dr. John’s tomb for forgiveness. Should I call this a shot in the leg? No it is not worth it.

He can easily be forgiven and he can go and eat his money in peace but most South Sudanese not only this Diamond Platinum think that Dr. John Garang is dead and that he is not seeing what is going on but this is not true. Just today when you go home after work, get a hundred note of South Sudanese valueless pound and see that picture on the note and those piercing eyes will tell you that Garang is watching and he is witnessing very drama being played by every South Sudanese. He knows those who are suffering and those shedding crocodile tears in their plight. Who is stealing money and who is killing people at night? Who is the unknown gunman and who is the good man/woman working for the wellbeing of this country?

He knows these people from their toes to the top and time will come when natural law will force them to account for every mischiefs. The spirit of a man without blood in his hands always comes back to haunt the evil men. But please, this is none of my business. I’m still not done with Abdul Nasibu Juma, on the night of his first performance in Freedom Hall and his two or one day (not sure of the days he spent in Juba) in Pyramid Hotel or “Piir Amiit” as some people mostly (potbellied-self-proclaimed tycoons) call it which literally means “Life is sweet” (How can life be sweet to you when millions of people have nothing eat?”) This is still none of my business. And it is a question that every South Sudanese must ask and if Pyramid is a South Sudanese hotel?

And please I don’t want to forget this Tanzanian artist, Abdul or Diamond Platinum after having South Sudanese heavily charged with $100, VIPs $200 and the Very, Very Important Person (VVIPs) $300 and people nonsensically paid the money, he, Diamond took to his Instagram with the hashtag “Sudan is a very good country, everyone is rich and there is no war” And when I saw this, I was greatly surprised and I was like oh my gosh?  I thought he must have been drunk when he wrote that message on his Instagram page or maybe the opposite is true. But why does he have to speak in parable if that is what he was meaning?

First sentence in his blurry Instagram message is “Sudan”. He was meaning South Sudan and there is a great difference between South Sudan and Sudan. These are different countries and he was in South Sudan not Sudan. How could Diamond Platinum forget the name of a country where he was worshipped like a god and I think even if Jesus come to South Sudan with a plea for financial support, nobody will take him serious as Diamond Platinum.

This guy has taken thousands of dollars when our soldiers have to spend months or more for SSP 1,200 less than 3 dollars. I did not complete his message on Instagram. After Sudan which was supposedly South Sudan, this word followed “is a very good country, everyone is rich and there is no war”. Diamond Platinum has never seen people mostly his fans willingly pay such amount of money the way it was done in South Sudan but that should not give him a softer ground to write such derogatory remarks about South   Sudan. He is right South Sudan is rich with natural resources but few people are the ones benefiting from the country’s wealth.

He should know how to thread English or should I say he was suffering from English syndrome? Because if he wasn’t, he would have plainly and clearly written something meaningful like “Some South Sudanese are rich” because not every South Sudanese is rich. Majority of people almost the whole country are living in abject poverty and most of the people don’t even know where their next meal would come from. Everything here is and has always been a prayer request and this 100 dollars is an annual salary for some ordinary South Sudanese and most people still don’t know the figure of the US dollar. Diamond would have toured some parts of Juba if not the whole country of South Sudan to see what people were going through before he wrote that useless message on his Instagram page a day before his performance in Dr. John Garang mausoleum.

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