Dr. John Garang University to remain closed -VC

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon 

The Vice Chancellor of Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology said there were no plans to reopen in the wake of the Coronavirus.

The University of Juba has already laid down plans to reopen the university next month for online studies to keep the students busy amidst the coronavirus.

This is despite the fact that the government has not lifted the suspension of all the learning institutions across the country as one of the preparedness measures to safeguard people from the pandemic. 

Prof. Abraham Matoc Dhal told Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview on Sunday evening that there were no plans to open the university anytime soon as coronavirus situation dictates.

Matoc said his university would only reopen if the situation of coronavirus ceased, or instructed to reopen by the Government.

 “So until when the government says lockdown is lifted and the institutions start, then this is where we will actually start,” he said.

 “Otherwise there is a difficulty to think of opening or even taking senior classes.  What about the other classes? It will not work, I am seeing the difficulty,” Prof.  Matoc added.  

When asked on whether to adopt distance learning as proposed by the University of Juba, he said it won’t be possible given the limited facilities in the University.

 “Other plans for instance distance learning is not possible, for our university. This is because the facilities are not there,” he said.

“The conditions of the University of Juba are actually different from our university of Dr. John Garang. Even when we think of it, it is not actually easy, Even distance learning requires contact hours, it is a situation we can not really predict now how it will happen,” he said.

 “It is not my statement; it is the situation of the country as per coronavirus measures, because we cannot attempt to break up the rule,” Prof. Matoc said.

“Otherwise we are subjecting people to coronavirus crisis and that will not even work, how can the university decide to open meanwhile the government has reinforced down all the schools,” he added.

He called on the students to be patient and see what will happen in the course of the time.

Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology is one of the five government universities.

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