Dr. John Garang University to hold students elections this week

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Dr John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology in Bor is set to hold students’ Union elections this week after four years of Union’s suspension.

The University students’ union was suspended in March 2016 by former Vice Chancellor Prof. Julia Aker Duany over “division and power struggle” among students based on regional arenas.

The former VC feared the students could have caused chaos and riots if the leadership of the students was not retained by her administration those days since the students were divided over leadership struggle.

From 2016, the University has been continuously led by care taking students’ body as opposed to guild president.

In June this year, the current Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abraham Matoc Dhal released the union to the students after observing that there were signs of unity among the students.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Deputy Chair of University’s Electoral Commission for Guild Presidency 2019-2020, Mr. James Akot Manyuot confirmed three contestants for the Students’ leadership competition.

He affirmed that the election is scheduled for Wednesday 11th this week since general presidential debates and combined rallies are set for Monday and Tuesday respectively before voting on Wednesday.

“The three running candidates have already completed their primary rallies ahead of general presidential debate today. So I would want to declare that the elections are set for Wednesday this week without change prompt,” he said

Mr. Manyuat stated that the electoral body was entrusted to monitor and execute the processes of union given that students wanted to remain united under one umbrella.

Deputy University’s EC chair revealed that the process of the preparation have been on going without unusual behaviors recorded for the last three weeks.

Mr. Manyuat admitted that the students were showing signs of cooperation and determination in their contexts since the processes started.

“There was a power struggle that emerged in the context of three regions by then. But now the students are united. I have seen that these people will vote for a candidate that suit their attention and there is no more regional affiliation,” he concluded.

Majok Daniel Aluong, a 3rd year student pursing Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance told Juba Monitor that the processes have been fair and free from the start until now.

“The processes of the preparations are ongoing well. The three contestants have already conducted their primary rallies at the University last week. And they are now doing their underground campaigns.  So now, we are waiting to cast our votes on Wednesday as decided by the EC,” he narrated

According to him, the students are hectic studying each candidate’s manifesto in order to help him/her vote wisely later on.

He asked the students to remain united without grievances as they were nearing elections day.





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