Dr. John Garang University students get leader after years of suspension

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology in Bor on Wednesday elected the Students’ union guild president for the first time in four years.

The students’ union was suspended in March 2016 by the former Vice Chancellor Prof. Julia Aker Duany for “division and power struggle” among students.  The students were reportedly campaigning based on regions of origin, which created conflict.

From 2016, the University has been continuously led by a care-taking students’ body.

In June this year, the current Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abraham Matoc Dhal lofted the suspension after observing that there were signs of unity among the students.

On Sunday last week, the Deputy Chair of University’s Electoral Commission for Guild Presidency 2019-2020, Mr. James Akot Manyuat announced that the elections were scheduled for last Wednesday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday after the declaration of the guild president election results, Mr. Manyuat stated that Mr. Ajith Solomon Awan was elected the guild president of the University.

“The election was free and fair in the sense that all the candidates have accepted the results. The votes were amicably magnified and verified by all the agents and the University’s Administration,” Manyuat said.

He urged the defeated candidates to concede and work together with the newly elected guild president for the welfare of the students.

“The objective was to serve the students. So we have to support this person so that he delivers what the students expect from him. And I believe that he will fulfill the promises,” he said.

Ajith Solomon Awan, the guild president-elect told Juba Monitor that we would work hard in order to ensure that students’ demands were met by his leadership.

“I felt good about the trust given to me by the students. So I am going to work hand in hand with my colleagues whom we were competing since there were no differences among ourselves and therefore I am quite happy about it,” he said.

“What I would want to say is that the needs of the students are going to be fulfilled as they entrusted me in their leadership. I will cooperate with them and see how we can settle their challenges at the University,” Mr. Awan added.


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