Dr John Garang University student wounded on Juba-Bor road

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology student, who was travelling to Bor on Saturday to sit for his end of year semester’s examination has been shot and wounded among several others who were on board while travelling to Bor town by road.

A student identified as Albino Riing Majak was shot among over 10 people who were trekking to the town of Mangalla just after their vehicle got a technical problem about 20 minutes before reaching Mangalla town.

Mr. Majak was a third Year student at Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology pursing Bachelor’s degree in Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Akot Manyuat, Majak’s department mate who was the first person called by the casualty told Juba Monitor that Mr. Majak was among those who were advancing to Mangalla by foot when their vehicle had a technical problem.

‘’He was traveling from Juba to Bor for his last semester’s Exams. But unfortunately when they were almost to Mangalla, their car got a technical problem. They left the vehicle and agreed to move to the Mangalla since it was near,” said Manyuat who happened to be the first person called by the survivor just after he was shot.

“As we were moving, he was behind with two people while carrying his bag. Unfortunately he was shot. The shooter aimed at him from unknown direction until he managed to shoot him. I don’t know whether the shooter aimed at him because he was a tall person man or what I don’t know,” he added

According to him, Majak sustained single bullet when he fell to the ground after he was shot.

He said that the shooters ran into him after seeing the rest of the people who were with him ran to the bush towards Mangalla.

“Those attackers immediately rushed to him. They wanted to shot him again but Mr. Majak asked them a question that – “can you please tell me the reason you want to kill me?” After hearing and probably thinking over of his question, they decided not to shoot him a second time as they had thought of” he stressed.

Mr. Manyuat revealed that the attackers were talking in Arabic language with the wounded department mate when he was asking question.

The injured Majak was quoted by his friend saying that he could recall the people who shot him when he happens to meet them again.

He couldn’t exactly know who these people were but he said that they were all carrying machine guns.

Manyuat stated that the reason for shooting his friend by the attackers was not known.

Manyuat called on the government to ensure security force is set up on Juba – Bor road, adding that it was not a good idea to see students at the Universities being killed without proper justification quoting Rumbek students killing that occurred in the same month.

‘’The government should deploy forces on this road to escort people because not everyone can afford air transport. Air transport is very expensive. The government have the powers to protect citizens on Bor-Juba highway,’’ he concluded

Albino Riing Majak, a wounded student in the incident was phoned by Juba Monitor but the number couldn’t reach through



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