Dr. Igga’s Office to investigate fleet incident

By John Agok

The Office of the Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga yesterday ordered for an investigation in a bid to have accountability on the incident that happened to his convoy last week.

According to press release seen by Juba Monitor, the top authorities in the Office of the Vice President consoled the victim and his family and promised to take care of the hospital bills, and this happened after confirming the information related to impunity regarding his bodyguards and the road user.

He ordered immediate investigation and accountability for those in charge of the fleet including the traffic police warden on duty.

Since the authorities had planned to calm and console the family of the victim, the office advises the public to distance themselves from provocative actions and allow the process to go on normal in ascertaining the facts that led to the incident.

The incident in Gumbo-Sherikat involved his bodyguards and Taxi-driver who suddenly entered in the middle of the convoy and interrupted the paving of the road for the convoy of the Vice President who was on his way to Magwi –Eastern Equatoria to celebrate the Easter festival in the area.

On Saturday, the Vice President’s convoy came into contact with a Taxi driver known as Deng Ding when he was coming from Bor. According to Juba Monitor’s interview with his brother who took him to the Hospital, his brother was not aware of the fleet of the Vice President coming behind and he assured the improvement of his brother condition. Jacob Ding the brother to Deng Ding cautioned the public to refrain from politicizing the issue.

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