A foot for thought

Dr. Igga urges S. Sudanese to shun tribalism

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga said one of the challenges that the people of South Sudan have is sustainable peace in the country.  Currently, there is peace, but still there are a lot of challenges to maintain this peace.  He made this statement during a funeral in Juba on 28th December 2020.  Dr. Igga said there are good things the government have done and at the same time there are bad things that have occurred in the country too.

“The Government is aware of what is going on in the country. They know the suffering of the people in the country, for example, economic crisis; everything is expensive in the markets. They know lack of sustainable peace, where people in other states were fighting, that is not a big deal, the government will resolve,” he added.

He said the economic crisis started during the time of conflict between SPLM and SPLM-IO and Coronavirus came and added more that brought it into worse situation in the country.

The Vice President said there is no transport to facilitate the export of oil to the international market due to Coronavirus in the world. “The other factors was because we relied on oil not considering other sources of income, like money being collected at the borders that to add on our revenue”.

People are collecting money and putting it in their pockets, which is wrong. Dr. Igga continued saying that other countries have no oil but depend on revenue collections from different sources, and yet they are doing well. “We need to cultivate our own food to reduce economic crisis in the country”. He said many farmers talked about the matter of animals destroying their farms that would be solved by the government.

Dr. Igga further said the bad thing is tribalism; people of South Sudan should end tribalism. If they don’t consider themselves as South Sudanese, they will never progress and develop this country.

He went on to say that there are good things that the government had done, whether it is small or big it should be considered as an achievement. The peace we have now is an achievement in which the SPLM-IO is now working together with government, there is no longer fighting between them.  

Dr. Igga said what happened in the country wasn’t the objective of the SPLM. It wasn’t what they fought for during the liberation struggle for this country. “Even if there are challenges, we need to overcome them in order to have development and stability in the country,” Dr. Igga added.

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