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Dr. James Wani Igga, VP (M) holds hands of the two state governors of Jonglei and Ruweng (Photo: Wek Atak Kacjang)

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga has tasked the newly appointed governors of Ruweng and Jonglei states to disarm youth and build peace in their states.

Dr. Igga made the call yesterday at the swearing in ceremony of Lawrence Mabok Wuor, the governor of Ruweng state and Maker Thiong Maal of Jonglei state as interim chairpersons of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement party in their respective states.

On 17 of June, President Kiir appointed the two governors as SPLM interim chairpersons in their state following their appointment as state governors on June 12.

“Please interim chairpersons, the first thing I want to assure you is to disarm the youth to avoid revenge in communities. We must go back and create peaceful co-existence to our people,” Dr. Igga said.

The Vice President said he was convinced that the new state governors will be able to carry across ideologies of the SPLM party.

“I exactly believe that number one thing to do in your area is peace building because without peace there is nothing you can do,” Dr. Igga said. “We have neglected groups in South Sudan, so today we are talking on how to involve and allow participation of our women in politics and make roles of youth,” he added.

He added that the governors should disseminate peace messages in their states and including Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs] and those who fled the country as refugees.

Maker Thiong Maal, Governor of Jonglei state who represented the new governors thanked members of the SPLM party.

“This nation needed a lot of re-organization as well as moving out to the people in the grassroots because our people need you in the place where they are. I am sure our party has never failed,” Thiong said.

Kuol Atem, National Secretary for Political Affairs at the SPLM secretariat advised the two state interim chairpersons to ensure success of the party, saying we have a lot of challenges.

“Tribalism has been taking over; let us focus on the success of the party. Keeping in mind that unity and equality can leave you in progress, create working environment that allows people to do and follow what the party says,” Atem said.


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