DR. IGGA-Six bodyguards killed in Lobonok

By James Atem Kuir

At least six body guards of the Vice President, Dr. James Wani Igga were killed and two others were wounded after they reportedly fell into an ambush laid by gunmen in Lobonok payam on Wednesday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Press Secretary in the Office of the Vice President, Kalisto Ladu said the guards were waylaid while moving from Yapa to Karpeto.

“Yesterday (Wednesday) at noon in Lobonok County (former county), armed men spread bullets on the body guards of the Vice President who were driving from Yapa (their resident) to Karpeto, killing six soldiers and wounded two others,” Ladu said.

He added that the gunmen burnt down the vehicle of the guards and took away another soldier with them,

He accused the National Salvation Front [NAS], a movement led by Gen. Thomas Cirilo for attacking them saying it was not the first time for them but they have not been responding.

“The NAS is the main suspect because they have been doing such activities in this area, it is not the first time they are killing the body guards of the Vice President. Sometimes back, they killed a soldier and wounded others. They attack the government forces in the area from time to time,” Ladu narrated.

The Press Secretary also accused NAS of violating the Rome Ceasefire Agreement signed earlier this year between the government and the South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance or SSOMA, an opposition coalition group to which NAS is a party that did not sign the 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement.

He called on the guarantors of the Rome Declaration to investigate and hold NAS accountable for atrocities it had committed.

Efforts to reach NAS for comments were not immediately successful but earlier this month; about 9 people were killed at a gold mine in Gorom west village, the attack which the SSPDF blamed on NAS.

NAS posted the attack on its website the following day claiming they had killed 11 soldiers and captured a number of weapons.

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