Dr. Gok denies insulting Awut Deng

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The deputy chair for community, security and small Arms control Dr. Riak Gok Majok has dismissed the statement by the National Minister of General Education and Instructions Awut Deng Acuil, accusing some people for abusing her on social media.

“I have never insulted Awut as a person, what I did was a normal exercise of my freedom of speech, I do not have any reason to insult Ms. Awut since she is my MP from 2005 and she has been minister till today, on one hand she is my closest relative,” Dr. Gok said.

On March 05/2021, Awut published an Article Titled “Public Statement on the conduct of Examinations in the Seven Areas and the Abuses Targeting the Minister of General Education Date: 3 March 2021”

In her statement Awut said “Every citizen has a right to criticize anyone holding public office. It is a duty of any citizen to point out the shortcomings of public servants in government. “Therefore, I respect any opinion or concern expressed about services delivery to our citizens.”

However, Ms. Awut revealed that she was very concerned that the challenges that the Ministry of General Education and Instruction face in administering primary 8 leaving examinations is being used by some people in Luanyjang Community of Tonj East County to abuse her personally.

According to Awut, these people include Dr. Riak Gok Majok and many others whom she did not mention apart from Dr. Gok.

However, Dr. Gok said that what he wrote in his Facebook dated 8th Feb 2021 does not carry any abusive word or insult to Minster Awut.

What l wrote was this “Children belong to South Sudan and criminals belong to jail. I don’t understand why children from Luacjang community are prevented to sit for form 8 South Sudan primary certificates. “The reason can only be accepted by a donkey. Hon. Governor, General Aleu Ayieny Aleu, I hope you will give a due consideration to this very unusual decision in your state. Even the Arabs had never done such a thing to South Sudanese children during the war of liberation. Candidates from IO controlled areas are also prevented to sit for primary 8 examinations. It is a wrong and very divisive decision.”

These made many people to react on my post including young people who were insulting the Minister and writing bad words which most of these bad abusive words and the same me advised them to stop abusing Minister Awut.

Immediately, I wrote this on my Facebook page when these insult was going on “Let me be clear here, any government decision is not decided by a single Minister. Government policy is passed by the cabinet and the Minister concerned implements it. On my today’s post, I don’t want anybody to insult the Minister. We have a problem that we need to solve and our concern should be expressed with civility.”

“Please stop insulting the Minister and argue your case, which is a genuine case intellectually,” Dr. Gok remembered.

However, Dr. Gok said some of his few words were misinterpreted mentioning the words like donkey and Children belong to South Sudan and criminals belong to jail.

“But by the word “Donkey” simple I mean people not the leadership, we the people the reason that, there was insecurity in the area cannot be accepted by anyone unless we the people in the area that was the meaning not any other thing,” Dr. Gok revealed.

Another word which was misinterpreted was that Children belong to South Sudan and criminals belong to jail. Here what I was trying to say was that South Sudanese children are innocent they cannot be penalized by the act of some people.

He said it is his right has South Sudanese to tell what he has seen wrong and what could be better to replace that wrong thing.

“If you are in the position of responsibility, definitely there will be somebody who will be telling you that you have not done this good and it is part of the burden of being a responsible person,” he added.

Dr. Gok added that no one will accept holding a public position where people see you as dear servant and later do not want open criticism, this cannot happen saying no one is perfect in the planet, all of us can make a mistake and if you have not told these mistakes how are you going to correct yourself. 

I wrote another Article when the exams were taken to the areas that missed exams.

This was what I wrote “I wish to express my sincere gratitude to H. E Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Ayii Akol and Awut Deng Acuil, the Minister of General Education for taking a swift corrective decision to allow our children sit for primary 8 examinations. You have demonstrated beyond doubt that you are responsible leaders. You have shown to the nation that what had happened was not intentional. I am only waiting for the implementation to complete the cycle of happiness. It is a brave decision,” Bravo Benykwa.

As a result of an uproar that ensued my recent post on issues of common concern, I am advised to quit Facebook altogether by my close friends and relatives. This advice is under serious consideration, Molana Ateny Wek Ateny. I don’t abuse people on Facebook as my posts don’t discuss personalities and their status in the society. I told a young man to prepare a coffin as soon as possible. Facebook has been preventing me from plunging into deep an unproductive thinking over the years, a thinking that has already taken so many friends and relatives away from me. Without prejudice to your freedom of speech, refrain please from negative comments, Yenakan.

“I will never insult Awut as a woman, my Minister, MP and my relative, but nobody will cow us to abandon our freedom of speech and our watch dog as people of this country we will always be standing for what we think is right,” Dr. Gok concluded.  

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