The return of Dr. Chol Deng at the Nilepet should be an eye opener to him to prove that for this second time he will be able to bring sanity to the state parastatal which has been bedwelled with moribund of mismanagement problems including books of accounts which have not been audited for the last 12 years. It should not be seen as a milk cow that was only meant to give its products without being fed in return to generate more.Dr. Chol had been there before for a year and knows what it takes to manage Nilepet. He is not a stranger and coming with past vast experience to streamline the operation management and not to sit and expect hope against hope. That have been the case in the past managements, his own administration then included. There are staff discontents, flow of the oil and management between partners that should form the first priority of attention from the so called new-man at the helm. Point blank, Dr. Chol should be allowed to do his work in collaboration with the board of directors without political interference or alignments to any local power house.Interferences and favourism have been the key factors in the daily management of Nilepet. These type of activities cannot allow even the best person to effectively manage the affairs of the institution. The most important matter at the moment should be how the management of the parastatal should be directed to do more and generate revenue for the development of the country. Those fond of camping in Nilepet’s compound from morning to evening seeking for different favours should be discouraged so that the management do not get any excuse for not doing their work as required.True the past of the company speaks volumes of negative things but Dr. Chol has been given one more chance to prove otherwise.

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